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© "Maleku Condos" are the shame of Costa Rica

View of the helpless and green forested hills of my "Náralit" (Tilarán backwards) on Lake Arenal. And several blue towers rise up between these mountains and broken and vulnerable, therefore, unsuitable for building on this scale, because it is 24 towers will contain 300 luxury apartments and two office buildings of similar proportions. Modernity has not reached Tilarán, we hit the cruel foreign speculation in alliance with local political myopia.

This article and the end of the text antipoems are dedicated to the brave "soldiers" of tilaranense environmental group "Green Power" and the collective cultural "Quixotes and Mills." Stressing the fierce struggle of the founder and member of both organizations, Patricia Brenes Trejos.


Note: English speaking friends: sorry, I used the Google translator, so it might not be very accurate translation, especially in the antipoems.
Frank Ruffino


"Maleku Condos" are the shame of Costa Rica

* Built in cyclic earthquake zone

* Affect the fragile environment of Lake Arenal

* Manipulate moving Maleku indigenous ethnicity making them act as a decoy for buyers

Frank Ruffino

The firm named circus, tacky as they come, The Real Estate Development Company "Tree, Four, Five, SA" U.S. capital, raise, if not new towers of Babel, another tower of shame in the hills by Lake Arenal.
Intellectuals, writers, artists, scientists, environmentalists, Costa Rica, and the most important sector, the population tilaranense not give credence to this unprecedented situation occurred in this peaceful people of Guanacaste height.
The owners and proxies of the firm, led by Zenith Moisey unpopular, have been stripped and finally reveal their dark intentions clearer and can not be to everyone's eyes: they are predators and manipulators of the environment of indigenous ethnicity Maleku therefore use the name of these natives to achieve their business objectives more spurious and vicious nature. These naive women, men and children are not properly in that area, but farther north, Guatuso Alajuela region have established their villages from time immemorial. True to the Machiavellian slogan "the end justifies the means", these undesirable 'hair carrot "Canadian bad life brought them to where the towers stand as" wallowing in the cat and half confused world. " Frank Ruffino never crossed his steps with an Indian in those hills, which are registered as full-fledged farm for 100 years or more! So no one had spotted malekus from The Colony, now becomes so rampant in our eyes by the neoliberal policies of the Arias brothers in democracy and dictatorship imposed by their puppets in power every four years. The neo-colonial northern falsely call their planned developments "Condos Maleku" with the aim of attracting trick to quasi cheated irresponsibly called first world wealthy to buy their apartments in a highly seismic zone and conducive to landslides in station rains. According to geological studies, this land slide one inch per year to Lake Arenal, hundreds of yards away. Only by this scientific data is no longer profitable to invest in a condo that literally moves down the ravine.

Indigenous guatusos malekus or photographed in 1892.


As if this were not enough reason not to build there, these greedy and unethical obvious foreigners, where they develop the mega project of rod and cement, is activated by the failure of Rio Chiquito, a few miles, the same that produced the great earthquake 1973, lived in the flesh was eight. I do not keep any doubt that those possessed drawers come down with the hundreds of foreigners who were attracted naive as gall unsuspecting bees (artificially flavored honey). This break-fault trigger the next mega-earthquake, if the cycle is completed every 40 or 50 years, these people are "on cockroach wings", if not purchased with their lives.

Actual picture: In 1973 the failure of Rio Chiquito was a great earthquake that killed 23 people. My own wooden house collapsed, the tailor's "Chito" Alvarado, etc. If this happened to secure wooden houses of a plant, the drawers "Condominios Maleku" fall like a house of cards and the turmoil that will dust demolition to the very city of Cañas, 22 miles southwest.

We are witnessing the human tragedy, ecological and landscape largest in the history of rural Costa Rica (after Papagayo complex) and I regret that this barbarity of planetary proportions (remember the "butterfly effect") to develop a few miles from my home, that the complacency of softies, unpatriotic and strangely concerned municipal authorities (including as MINAE-SETENA), who gave the green light expeditiously without considering the serious damage, because common sense, the least common of the senses in our politicians of the day, short term and merchants with public affairs for private gain, such as bulldozer crushes community and environmental interest with these galactic 26 towers of four or five stories that will house hundreds of rich customs in these 300 houses several high-end contaminate aquifers, the delicate biodiversity of the entire surrounding area, and the cool waters of Lake Arenal mythical bed where she became the dam of ICE in the seventies, amen of social damage (sadly remember Monteverde and La Fortuna). A sanctuary "outraged" to benefit the economic interests of the neoliberal foreign multinational in collusion with traitors Costa Rican politicians, both local and central government on account of President Laura Chinchilla no longer screams in defense of the people and the environment.

Below we offer this antipoems me, very much in tune with this disenchantment because of a savage neoliberal world where the only god is the base metal can you buy consciences for a few dollars.



Passion in the world
by taking the marked cards:
give them to your tongue
in the market
at the door of the temple
the same before
the judge's son,
dizzying words
fake a lie if I want.

And all the innocence assimilating
the ABC useless in the world.

Passion for corrupt politicians
and devil's advocates:
making love scorpions
under the covers with the lights off.

Passion for the daily
Blood and pain
to survive in this realm
of Greed and Envy.

Cursed heroin blood
in the frenzy of the night
where no lethargic
warns transfusions
efficient virus silent
soldiers of destruction.

Breasts and face painting
precariously effects
this gateway laughter and tears.

Passion for the most Mars
Bolivarian revolution with all its
condoned condom
to violate the flag
shield and hymns of the Nation
in exchange for their black gold.
Verso kidnapped
become a cackle:

"Patria o muerte Venceremos!".

Franco activist stories
about ghosts violent
Hand hairy
the Cadejos,
the Tulivieja,
Father headless
La Carreta without oxen
scaring the Cegua
vates escaped infidels go
in pursuit of her lover
in the places themselves.

Passion for knowledge of incest,
of public sissies
taken out of the closet,
of clergy pedophiles airy
hands still
mass at the tender;
by bestiality sneak some
with chickens, goats,
mares, turtles sexy,
monkeys trained to sodomy
and what comes their way.

Knowing abductions of no return
with the imprint left
CIA-FBI-drug cartel
stepchildren and other species of the mystery.

Passion for the kingdom of the world.
Satanic Evenings
who give the innocence
in its pure state;
junkies, turncoats
havens delirious;
and old snow-white predators
and fetuses if no future
(Faithful fans
the neat natural selection).

But there are bankers
hell in the world;
without the fallacies of the Presidents
deputies, mayors,
Councillors and other relevant
communal weeds
the kingdom of the world
would be a haven of caring
cloned and boring creatures
immersed in the commune.
No pastor, shaman,
sorcerer or priest
Babel realm of religion:
libérrimos spirits
as a stampede of rhinos
a field of tulips!

But the only heaven in this kingdom
Word is Disney and their dolls.

The everyday world rules here
to choose which pole to be,
what temperature to cook our
consciences, which side
of eating and being eaten,
shift schedules
by the date contained in a
ellipsis of the maximum cold
and bankers agenda
also watch their backs
to continue reign
on all of us
by careless, x wretches,
by vague and mindless,
x weak, ill-born,
x mistreated from the sperm
and from the egg, drunk
x marry the black widow
not assimilate the mathematical
know X does not express
not speak English,
Chinese and torture,
for fear the hardware and software
x stage fright,
to know just astronomy
x an absent parent
and an indifferent mother,
for choosing poetry rather
administration of the laws or
and keep one in a bed
flowers of sinister killer
x believe in God
and buy the devil;
not be an atheist in time
least agnostic philosopher,
bug with their own theories,
x does not have a spirit acute
not being smart
for life
and appreciate late
lost youth.


And Michael decided
it was time for suicide
before the world
give him the coup de grace
and there was light on earth
honoring his footsteps
the perfect machine.

The archetypal human
of our kingdom in the world
but a child forever in his soul,
body bleaching
and tuned to the grass
by choice
and following that
of free attractions for children
for theirs is the kingdom.

© "Wretched world," unpublished text of "Náralit" (Poems and antipoems de Frank Ruffino, 2008).



Vista de las indefensas y verdes colinas boscosas de mi "Náralit" (Tilarán al revés), junto al Lago Arenal. Ya varias torres azules se levantan entre esos quebrados y vulnerables montes y, por ello, poco aptos para la construcción a esta escala, pues se trata de 24 torres que contendrán 300 apartamentos de lujo y dos edificios administrativos de similares proporciones. La modernidad no ha llegado a Tilarán, nos atropelló la cruel especulación inmobiliaria extranjera en alianza con los miopes políticos locales.

Este artículo y el antipoema al final del texto van dedicados a los valientes "soldados" del grupo ecológico tilaranense "Fuentes verdes" y al colectivo cultural "Quijotes y Molinos". Destacando la lucha aguerrida de la fundadora, integrante y líder de ambas organizaciones, Patricia Brenes Trejos, junto al pintor Juan Carlos Ruiz y el poeta Minor Piedra, entre otros artistas e intelectuales tilaranenses.

"Condominios Maleku" son la vergüenza de Costa Rica 

*Construidos en zona de terremotos cíclicos
*Afectan el frágil medioambiente del Lago Arenal
*Manipulan desplazando indígenas de la etnia Maleku haciéndolos actuar como señuelo para los compradores

Frank Ruffino

La firma con nombre circense, chabacano como el que más, El Desarrollo Inmobiliario de la empresa “Tree, Four, Five, S.A.” de capital norteamericano, levanta, si no nuevas torres de Babel, sí las torres de la vergüenza en las colinas junto al Lago Arenal. 
Intelectuales, escritores, artistas, científicos, ecologistas costarricenses, y el sector más importante, la población tilaranense, no dan crédito a esta inaudita situación acaecida en este apacible pueblo guanacasteco de la altura.
Los dueños y testaferros de esa firma, dirigidos por el antipopular Zenith Moisey, se han desnudado y al fin muestran sus oscuras intenciones que ya más claras no pueden estar a ojos de todos: son depredadores del ambiente y manipuladores de los indígenas de la etnia Maleku, "secuestrando" el nombre de estos nativos para lograr sus objetivos empresariales de la más espuria y vil naturaleza. Estas ingenuas mujeres, hombres y niños no son propiamente de esa zona, sino mucho más al norte, de Guatuso de Alajuela, región en que han establecido sus aldeas desde tiempos inmemoriales. Haciendo honor a la maquiavélica consigna “el fin justifica los medios”, estos indeseables “pelos de zanahoria” canadienses los trajeron a malvivir donde levantan las torres mientras “revuelcan a la gata y confunden a medio mundo”. Nunca Frank Ruffino cruzó sus pasos con un indígena en esas colinas, que se registran como fincas hechas y derechas desde hace 100 años o más! Así nadie había avistado malekus desde La Colonia, que hoy vuelve tan campante ante nuestros ojos por las políticas neoliberales de los hermanos Arias y su dictadura en democracia que impone a sus títeres de turno cada cuatro años. Los neo-colonizadores del norte llaman falazmente a su proyecto urbanístico "Condominios Maleku", con la capciosa finalidad de atraer irresponsablemente a cuasi estafados ricos del llamado primer mundo a comprar sus apartamentos de lujo en una zona altamente sísmica y propicia para los deslizamientos en estación de lluvias. Según estudios geológicos, estos terrenos se deslizan una pulgada por año hacia el Lago Arenal, centenares de metros más allá. Solo por este dato científico ya no es rentable invertir en un condominio que literalmente se mueve barranco abajo.

Indígenas malekus o guatusos fotografiados en 1892. 

Y como si tales advertencias no fueran suficiente razón para abstenerse de construir ahí, estos codiciosos y antiéticos extranjeros obvian que, donde desarrollan su mega proyecto de varilla y cemento, está por activarse la falla de Río Chiquito, a pocos kilómetros, misma que produjo el gran terremoto de 1973 experimentado en carne propia con ocho años. No guardo ninguna duda de que esos endemoniados cajones se vendrán al suelo con los cientos de extranjeros ingenuos que fueron atraídos como incautas abejas a la hiel (con sabor artificial a miel). Esta ruptura -falla- desencadenará su próximo terremoto en muy poco tiempo, pues el ciclo se completa cada 40 ó 50 años, así esas incautas gentes o "inversores" ya están “en alitas de cucaracha”, por no decir con sus vidas compradas.

Imagen real: En 1973 la falla de Río Chiquito produjo un gran sismo que mató a 23 personas. Mi propia casa de madera se hundió, la del sastre "Chito" Alvarado, etc. Si esto sucedió con seguras casas de madera de una planta, los cajones de "Condominios Maleku" caerán como castillos de naipes y la convulsión de esa demolición llevará el polvo hasta la mismísima ciudad de Cañas, 22 kilómetros al suroeste. 

Somos testigos de la tragedia humana, ecológica y paisajística más grande de la historia de Costa Rica rural (después del complejo de Papagayo) y deploro que esta barbaridad de proporciones planetarias (no olviden “el efecto mariposa”) se desarrolle a pocos kilómetros de mi casa con la complacencia de las blandengues, antipatriotas y extrañamente interesadas autoridades municipales (entre otras como MINAE-SETENA), que han dado expeditamente luz verde sin considerar el grave daño, porque el sentido común, el menos común de los sentidos en nuestros políticos de turno, cortoplacistas y mercaderes con los asuntos públicos para beneficio propio, aplasta como aplanadora el interés comunal y ambiental con estas galácticas 26 torres de cuatro o cinco pisos que albergarán cientos de ricachones de costumbres varias en estos 300 penthouses que contaminarán mantos acuíferos, la delicada biodiversidad de toda la zona circundante, y las frescas aguas del lecho del mítico lago Arenal donde se hizo el embalse del ICE en los años setentas; amén del daño social (tristemente recordamos a Monteverde y La Fortuna). Un santuario “ultrajado” en beneficio del interés económico multinacional de los neoliberales extranjeros de la depredadora industria inmobiliaria en contubernio con los vende patrias políticos costarricenses, tanto del gobierno local como central, en cuenta la presidenta Laura Chinchilla que ya ni chilla en defensa del pueblo y del ambiente.

A continuación les ofrezco este antipoema mío, muy a tono con este desencanto a causa de un mundo neoliberal y salvaje donde el único dios posible es el vil metal que compra conciencias por unos cuantos dólares.



Pasión del mundo
por echar las cartas marcadas: 
las das con tu lengua
en el mercado,
en la puerta del templo,
lo mismo ante
el hijo que el juez,
vertiginosas palabras
trucadas por la mentira: sí quiero.

Y toda la inocencia asimilando
el inútil ABC del mundo.

Pasión por políticos corruptos
y abogados del diablo:
escorpiones haciendo el amor
bajo las sábanas con la luz apagada. 

Pasión por la dosis diaria
de sangre y dolor
para sobrevivir en este reino
de Avaricia y Envidia.

Heroinómanos de sangre maldecida
en el frenesí de la noche
donde ningún aletargado
advierte las transfusiones
silenciosas de virus eficientes
soldados de la destrucción. 

Senos y rostros maquillando
precariamente los efectos 
de la atracción
en esta pasarela de risa y llanto.

Pasión por el máximo marciano 
bolivariano con toda su revolución
de condones condonados 
para violar la bandera, 
escudo e himnos de la Patria
a cambio de su oro negro.
Verso secuestrado 
convertido en cacareo:

“¡Patria o muerte venceremos!”.

Franco militante de las historias
sobre fantasmas violentos, 
la Mano peluda,
el Cadejos, 
la Tulivieja, 
el Coco,
el Padre sin cabeza, 
la Carreta sin bueyes,
el Ahorcado, 
la Cegua asustando
vates infieles por ir de escapados
en pos de su amante 
en los parajes solos.

Pasión por saber de incestos,
de mariquitas públicos 
sacados del clóset,
de clérigos pedófilos airosos
todavía con las manos 
en la tierna masa;
por el bestialismo furtivo de algunos
con gallinas, cabras, 
yeguas, tortugas sexis,
monos adiestrados para la sodomía
y lo que salga al paso.

Sabedores de abducciones sin retorno
con la impronta siniestra
y otros ejemplares hijastros del misterio.

Pasión por el reino del mundo.
Veladas satánicas 
que ofrendan la inocencia
en su estado puro;
drogatas, tránsfugas
de paraísos delirantes;
y albos depredadores de ancianos
y fetos si ningún porvenir
(fanáticos creyentes 
de la pulcra selección natural).

Sin banqueros no hay 
infierno del mundo;
sin las falacias de los presidentes,
diputados, alcaldes,
concejales y otros pertinentes
yerbajos comunales 
el reino del mundo
sería un paraíso de bondadosas
y aburridas criaturas clonadas
sumidas en la comuna.
Sin pastor, chamán, 
brujo o sacerdote
reino Babel de religiones: 
espíritus libérrimos
como estampida de rinocerontes
por un campo de tulipanes!

Mas el único cielo de este reino
es Disney Word y sus muñecos.

Gobierna aquí el cotidiano mundo
para elegir en qué polo estar,
a qué temperatura cocinar nuestras
conciencias, de qué lado 
hacer la guerra
de comer y ser comidos, 
por turnos horarios,
por la fecha contenida en una
fría elipsis de los máximos
y banqueros de agenda
que también cuidan sus espaldas
para seguir reinando 
sobre todos nosotros
por descuidados, x pobretas,
por vagos y descerebrados,
x débiles, por mal nacidos,
x maltratados desde el esperma
y desde el óvulo, por ebrios,
x casarse con la viuda negra,
por no asimilar la matemática,
x no saber expresarse,
por no hablar el inglés,
el chino y sus torturas,
por temerle al hardware y software,
x pánico escénico,
por saber solo astronomía,
x un padre ausente
y una madre indiferente,
por elegir la poesía en vez
de las leyes o administración
y quedarse uno en un lecho
de siniestras flores asesinas,
x creer en dios
y comprarse el diablo;
por no ser ateo a tiempo,
mínimo agnóstico, filósofo,
bicho con teorías propias,
x no tener un espíritu agudo,
por no ser inteligente
para la vida
y apreciar tardíamente
la juventud perdida.


Y Michael decidió 
abandonarse a la muerte
antes que el mundo 
le diera el tiro de gracia
y fue la luz en la tierra
haciendo honor a sus pasos
de máquina perfecta.

El arquetipo humano
de nuestro reino del mundo,
mas un niño para siempre en su alma,
un cuerpo decolorado
y afinado hasta la hierba
por elección propia
y cumpliendo aquello
de la libre atracción de los niños
porque de ellos es el reino.


© "Miserable mundo", del texto inédito "Náralit" (Poemas y Antipoemas, 2008).

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    Mary said ...

    You know? As I read I realized how little I know about your land, do not think I am sorry and you're on the contrary, it motivates me to want to know and that's good ... Although I feel sorry for what I read: (
    However, I'm glad that the blogs will allow me to reread each time you want, because after ordering a little emotion, read the poem at the end, allowed me to feel each of the verses and better than that, understand.
    Better now a hug and we'll come back to read it huh?
    Y un besito:)
    June 16, 2011 13:11
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Dear Mary:

    It's a shame: Blogger made me a bad play and the text was truncated antipoetic at the time of your visit. I invite you to complete the reading, for it got the rest of antipoems (much more).

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 16, 2011 14:35
    Rossi said ...


    Since the article and forwarded it to all my contacts antipoems here and abroad. It's all very clear, these people of the municipalities and that multinational real estate must pay.

    June 16, 2011 16:08
    "Just Poe", a pseudonym of the poet Frank Ruffino said ...
    The author has removed this entry.
    June 16, 2011 16:21
    "Just Poe", a pseudonym of the poet Frank Ruffino said ...

    Thanks sister, I sent this to over 3000 people and Caete back: if you put in the Google toolbar only: Condo Maleku, since they are the first two pages with this from my blog. Hahaha! What power does this space diffusion "Poet Frank Ruffino," what barbarian positioning on the Internet has made! Not The Nation! This is the power: information, and spreading the truth! Morning half the world will know this!


  2. June 16, 2011 16:22
    Rossi said ...

    I highlight these two stanzas but all the text is really crazy and confrontation:

    I'll be back because these lines were ringing in my head, heart,

    "For poetry instead choose
    administration of the laws or
    and keep one in a bed
    flowers of sinister killer. "

    "For not being smart
    for life
    and appreciate late
    lost youth. "
    June 16, 2011 18:02
    Rossi said ...

    ... Brother, if this is a antipoems, who knows what Neruda himself is GREAT!

    June 16, 2011 18:04
    William Venegas said ...

    Thanks, Frank, for reminding us that poetry is also fighting and not just a lake of swans to talk about affairs and desamoríos. Generates much I hate everything that threatens the environment! Frank, a hug.
    June 16, 2011 19:40
    William Venegas said ...

    Such concern did not appear ... And when prompted, Diay not pleased. In any case, there in my latest entry bear Po and kung-fu, there's a comment for Friends of the ABC did not write me if you want to read. The link is:

    June 16, 2011 19:41
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...


    Well, you better ask the Chilean counterpart to Pablo Neruda, Nicanor Parra, the anti-poet who is still alive and kicking, and born in 1914. Take account!

    Moreover, although irrelevant, "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" was a collection of poems written by the mother of the young Neruda, who had many eager to publish soon. His father died young and was shy as they come. He did not resist the temptation to that text, and pun, pun: he threw the gun clean world without knowing the real consequences of what he did (Neruda was a plagiarist as solo). Once the poems were not famous arch was more than silence for life. I never "wrote" anymore. Neruda did not have the brainpower to compose these verses.

    All that an angel told me is that I'm always in the stratosphere.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.

  3. P. S. when a chauvinist Chilean sure you read this send to the police to shoot me.
    June 16, 2011 19:53
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Willey Dear friend:

    The people most concerned, the environmental group Friends of the Green and cultural sources "Quixotes and Mills" have not come to thank me and walk this entry through the world and translated into English in my other blog: http://costaricaenpeligrodeextincion.blogspot. com /
    Imagine if my space "Poet Frank Ruffino" is successful if you put only Maleku Condominiums in Google toolbar, for the first two pages are in this blog and on this subject. So positioning'm on the internet. When I feel like I am a machine of mass dissemination of truthful information and important for human beings and Mother Nature. 3000 also sent mass mailings around the world with this article and antipoems, asking to step up there with the "butterfly effect" my mass mailings. That is, until the very aliens have news of all and come to hitting a few gamma rays to those monkeys Canadian "Tree, Four, Five Humane Society SA-Disgusting," who want to fuck up the atmosphere of my closest environment . With that name what they are: Reverend asshole !!!!!!!

    I interviewed several workers dismissed by the unpopular here Zenith Moisey, former boxer, according to him, and all charges of theft, intimidation and then sends them to menial gorilones OIJ and security forces to raid their homes, this to intimidate them and not pay benefits. The $$$$$$$ buy everything, especially consciences! They come with heavy weapons in the pure morning and take them all, even a minor girl friend of mine had to leave his room with a clear pledge to sleep. It is time that Laura and politicians Nichilla visa ticos put these gringos and foreigners ignorant bastard, because we walk like he owned the place humiliating half the world, this game illegal! And the Ticos have to make long lines at the U.S. Embassy or Canada, pay $ 130 for the bitch to deny visa (being European I should not get a visa, but I'm not there or free). What business rounder! That these political bastards ticos establish a policy of reciprocity immigration and expel or not let in these rats! Fuck all these liberal traitors!

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 16, 2011 20:24

  4. RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    William ... ah yes, yes, I'll see it's the thing with that link. Thanks!
    June 16, 2011 20:26
    Claudia Botero said ...

    Frank, What fucked!
    : (
    June 17, 2011 00:47
    Mary said ...

    Thanks for the warning, however y. .. said I would Sometimes I'll come back to this post if you have new:)
    You know? I was struck by the beam Neruda said, and explained to me: my friends have ever been horny because I, despite his "fame" I like the most read in for example. in "I confess that I lived" (yes I have done my chair for travel from Chile) is, in prose and poetry, and if I feel like because I have not go with the flow right? for that are the colors:)
    Well, one kiss and I will continue learning what you're talking about, because I got curious:)
    Muaka. Have a nice Finder.
    June 17, 2011 2:05
    Roncahuita said ...

    It is the "development" Arias! Thank you for not staying callado.Hay that these abuses and denounce all felonies.
    June 17, 2011 3:22
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Dearest Painter Claudia Botero:

    An honor come to this post reporting to the world about what happens in my town and its natural surroundings. A few have been sold so do not Tranzas ever: our natural resources and environment, attracting one type of real estate development insane and tarnishing the reputation of a buying group of Indians and many in this town. Future generations of tilaranenses return to this present time and hopefully to praise the actions of the groups, the environmental group "Green Power" and cultural "Quixotes and Mills." They, along with this mega informative meteorite that has become antipoems this article and mine, are giving out war. I must say that I'm not part of these organizations, just a lowly employee in the area tilaranense media.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.

  5. P. S. I hope to go home today to art.
    June 17, 2011 5:07
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Amiga compatriot Mary

    Well, you see what things are in this issue that has us all on tenterhooks. I feel a big thank you to be supported this effort for the environment, because if something is affected here, have security repercussions in every corner of this fragile planet decimated by the neoliberals and their multinational terror.

    About Neruda, you're right: his poems following (most of it) are better, although his style Pablin loving mother who was himself a very great poet!

    "It was a lady dressed in black, thin and thoughtful," Paul says about his mother only knew from pictures, and who was the primary educator. He kept infinite gratitude for forwarding, and how, in poetry.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 17, 2011 5:16
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Dear Roberto Sanchez and his group RONCAHUITA patriot:

    We also thank you for coming and noted this in the name of your courageous group of citizens and professionals committed to a just and dignified Costa Rica to the world.
    Another undesirable gringo magnate owns the Hotel Ecolodge Lake Coter, a large farm. The type, a vile and wicked old man of nearly 90 years, said he had rented to a Portuguese natural redoubt that is giving you a use consistent with environmental protection parameters respectable. As the old man did not wait above five-year contract, and missing half, he sent a heavily armed group of assassins 'trespassing' illegally hotel earlier this year (beat the staff and treated very badly). This country is sold to the gringos, and nobody, or almost no joke. Thus the degree of domestication to the rule of Uncle Sam. If these politicians let them calm liberal traitors committing their crimes, as sure to negotiate ($$$$$$$) to his own wives, mothers and daughters.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 17, 2011 5:33
    Lore said ...

    Hi Fran Rufino, for these things sometimes without knowing why, spend, I could get into your blog, and I have many problems in my PC Your blog's great and I intend to follow, although Tiep so often fails me ....
    I would love to answer
    these interesting entries from you, but I'm not able for my ignorance about it, but can assure you that my heart understands very well, although I feel unable to express it.
    I follow, and as soon as they solved the problems of my PC I try to spend as long as possible.

    A hug friend.
    June 18, 2011 1:58

  6. RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Dear friend and sincere:

    Do not say ignorant: in the end, in this world no one knows anything. Posts all the big questions facing us about the cosmos nursery Revs. What was there before the Big Bang? You see, neither Einstein himself could answer or the new physics of quantum cosmology DO! We still speculate, and perhaps the answer does not come from a fixture of quantum physics, but a simple peasant and be had a brilliant idea. You'll see how well my friend is precious.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 18, 2011 7:48
    Silvia said ...

    There is no greater power than the word, and was reflected here.
    A hug!
    June 18, 2011 15:15
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Dear Silvia (comment left here hit you in your blog):

    Thanks for your opinion on my space. I already linked up with two of my blogs.

    Your story had me in suspense from beginning to end. You know capture the reader's attention. Delirious and true: at last finding the option to "sleep" eternal sleep. I hope it is a scientific fact that our consciousness is beyond the physical house.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 19, 2011 9:48
    RUFFINO FRANK said ...

    Thanks to the many professionals and citizens ticos and the world have read this opinion and antipoems, thanks for coming here and leave your position via email, especially Don Edgar Porras, Cañas Guanacaste, one of the few lawyers country that has devoted his career to serve a fairer Costa Rica, where social and environmental concerns take precedence over the savage neoliberal mercantilist power in this country run by outlaws in a suit and tie.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.
    June 19, 2011 19

  7. Importante publicación, Frank. Debo leer tu blog despacio para saber aquello que nos escamotean quienes no quieren que sepamos lo que sucede en Centroamérica y, especialmente, en Costa rica.
    Empiezo la lectura.

    Un saludo

  8. Gracias estimado Antonio Campillo,